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Meet Wlnsvey Campos

Working to build an Oregon that represents all of us, not just the few


Growing Up

Raised in Bandon, Oregon by a single father in a low-income household WLnsvey (wins-vay) brings life experiences that many in her community can relate to but which remain sidelined and devalued in the political world.

As a child, and as the proud daughter of immigrants, she noticed the disparity between those who could afford opportunities and those who could not regardless of how hard they worked. With this personal experience and observation she learned the importance and power of representation. This drove her to attend Pacific University where she earned B.A. degrees in Political Science and in Philosophy: Law, Ethics, and Society.


After college Wlnsvey continued this passion as a Case Manager for a transitional housing program in Beaverton where she worked to help families experiencing houselessness find their new homes. She also gained extensive organizing experience working as a Political Campaign Manager along with doing political organizing for Our Oregon and the Oregon Nurses Association.

Wlnsvey considers herself lucky to have had a community in her hometown that supported and encouraged her, as well as her father who worked long hours and provided her with a strong backbone for advocacy and social justice.

She was elected to the Oregon legislature to represent House District 28 (Aloha/Beaverton) in 2020. You can read more about her experience in the legislature here.



Our community needs comprehensive, system-levels policies to address not only the root causes of our housing challenges, but also for our education system, healthcare, and the climate crisis. We need people with lived experiences to spearhead these policies, which is why WLnsvey is running to represent her community, Senate District 18 (Aloha/Beaverton/Hillsboro), in the State Legislature.

I am here and ready to fight for you.

Support Wlnsvey for Senate

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